Brief Overview Of Our Services Comprises Of :-

Basic services to be rendered are as delivered by the Board of Quantity Surveyor of Malaysia.

Preparation of Preliminary Estimate and Cost Plans

Estimate would be prepared as information becomes available from the design brief and/or the Architect. We would liaise closely with the Project Manager/Employer to establish initial cost indication and re-affirm clear cost requirements and budgets as the design develops. Our role would be pro-active in advising the Architect as to the level or budget available to me the Employer’s requirements and to assist in the consideration of alternative means of construction. Feasibility studies may be undertaken during the preliminary design development to ensure that the budgetary estimates are met without diminishing the Employer’s requirements. It is essential to consider the cost implication of the design at the initial stages as any cost reduction of specification alterations need to be made or considered at this time. It is essential to ensure the specification and cost reflects the standard required to achieve cost effectiveness with due regard to the buyers perception and market expectation.

Preparation of Bills of Quantities and Tender Documents

During this stage, Bills of Quantities will be prepared in detail. The Bills of Quantities will form the basis of the procurement of a Contractor (s) and a means by which any variation can be assessed and valued. Full tender documentation including all Conditions of Contract and Employer’s Requirements will be prepared and forwarded to the respective tenderers. The tender list will be prepared (if required) in close consultation will the Project Manager/ Employer. It will be essential during this period to continue to do cost control as the designs are sometimes still being refined and would liaise closely with the Architect, Project Manager and Employer should the costs escalate or if we identify possible cost reductions.

Preparation of Tender Reports and Contract Documents

A full detailed analysis of the tenderers will be made to ensure that the sums submitted are all comparable. We shall seek to identify any tenders which may be artificially low as a result of ‘exclusions’ and any pattern which may seek to disadvantage the Employer, such as ‘front loading’. We shall compare the respective rats for individuals items to ensure that these are current market rates, with particular regard to items which are more likely to be subject to variation. The full Contract Documents will be provided, completed and forwarded to the Employer and to the respective parties.

Preparation of Tender Documents, Tender Reports and Contract Documents for Prime Cost and Provisional Sum items Other Than Those under the Charge of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Consultants.

Often due to time constraints during the initial stage, Prime Cost and Provisional Sums are included to obtain competitive prices for the overall project. We seek to reduce the number of such sums within the Bills of Quantities to obtains accurate, and as complete a tender, as possible. We would liaise closely with all other Consultants such as Mechanical and Electrical Engineers etc. to ensure that their element of works are contained within the overall budget restraint.

Valuation of Works in Progress for Interim Valuations/ Certificates including Variations.

During the construction stage, interim valuation shall be carried out to assess the value of work executed on site including materials on site and variations orders and issuing recommendation for the Architects certification of progress payment certificates. Interim valuation are on monthly basis until the issuance of the Certificate of Practical Completion.

Preparation of Final Account

Final agreement of total costs with the Contractor(s) for the works including all variations, PC and Provisional Sums and full re-measurement of works where necessary

Besides the aforementioned basic services, the following supplementary services may also be provided by RZ Cost Consultancy if required or necessary:-

Preparation of feasibility studies including cash flow of a project.

During this stage we shall advise Employer based on their requirements and information given. We shall work hand in hand with Architect to advise which component suitable to be developments at certain land. We can advise in many angles and parameter subject to our Employer’s requirement either basic development i.e. Gross Development Cost & Value or input before our Employer wish to procure the new land by way or residual approach and comparative approach.

Advice on Tendering and Contractual Procedures.

We would liaise closely with the Project Manager and Employer to establish a clear set of objectives for items such as time to commence, cost reduction, cost certainty, on site programme etc We would then recommend the most suitable means of tendering the project and most appropriate form of Contract. It will also be necessary to take into account the design information available at tender stage.

Preparation of Documents and Reports for Pre-Qualification of Contractors.

We would liaise closely with the Project Manager in establishing the criteria for Contractor selection. Pre-qualification form shall be prepared and pre-qualification exercise be carried. We shall prepare pre-qualification report for our Employer’s approval.

Preparation of Periodic Financial Statement

At interval, Financial Statements will be prepared indicating all known agreed and anticipated variations. The report are designed to be pro-active rather than merely re-active in nature and will indicate:-
• Anticipated additional costs to enable a decision to be made as to whether they are to be implemented.
• Overall costs trends to indicate whether future costs reduction need to be made to achieve the Employer’s budget. Alternatively whether additional budget is required.
• General progress based on anticipated cash flow and actual expenditure.

Preparation of Final Cost for Contracts Based on Provisional Bills of Quantities

Full detailed measurements of the works as they are designed.

Project Management Consultancy Services

Independent Checking Engineer (ICE)

Prepare report and certificate for the purpose of arbitration, legislation cases, insurance claims for fire insurances, disbursement of loan facilities

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